Friday, April 9, 2010

Environment-friendly House In Cebu

Last February, my daughter Gabby and I visited Cebu City Councilor Archibald's Green/Eco House in the suburbs.

I was really impressed with the measures taken by the owner to use eco-friendly means to maintain his house. Check out the pics and see for your self. Note: please don't mind the date stamps, I messed up the date functions of the cam somehow :)

 The Archibald Main House Front View
 Solar panels provide electricity while rainwater catchments recycle the water for reuse. The Archibald family saves a lot from their electric bills with the use of solar energy and efficient use of natural cooling techniques.
 Empty softdrink / soda cans look cool when used properly. The table is a cable wire spool!!
 Water used on this swimming pool is recycled, cleaned and treated
 This dome provides ventilation & cools the house as well as lighting
 Those small windows helps lighting up the house, maximizing the use of sunlight
 The different phases of the moon.
 That's an empty baking soda container used as a cover for the lamp shade.
 More lighting for the house
 A view of the living area. Those holes are discarded PVC pipes and provide additional ventilation.
 Closer look at the ventilation holes, viewed from the second floor
 A banca / traditional canoe bench
 Another cable spool converted to a table
Another view of the rainwater catch basin where Councilor Archibald also raises Tilapia & uses the excess water for his organic farming project.

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