Friday, July 16, 2010

Case Study: The Barack Obama Strategy

In this slideshow, you will be shown a presentation on how social media, the internet and other digital tools helped elect US President Barrack Obama to power.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Social Network aka Facebook The Movie: Watch The Trailer Here

In the 1990s, it was Sandra Bullock running away from falling dead bodies while trying to regain back her identity in the movie The Net.

More than 10 years later (after the dot com crash and the rise of Google)comes - The Social Network also known as Facebook the movie is set for release anytime this year (or maybe early next year).

Watch the teaser trailer here:

(video from

According's latest update:

"The Social Network, otherwise known as “the Facebook (Facebook) movie,” is based in part on the book The Accidental Billionaires. It chronicles the formative days of Facebook, from its founding in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room through its early rise to success. Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, the film stars Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. It hits theaters this October.

The tag line for the film, “You can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies” seems to sum up some of those early days, and the film (or at least the version of the script that I read) is as much an exploration of young people coming to terms with creating something bigger than themselves as much as it is about loyalty, jealousy and money."
(check the entire article here:

Well, sounds like an intriguing-tech-rock star story to me. Of course, I will reserve all comments on the movie until I see it but so far, nothing else could create quite a buzz in Facebook than -- well, Facebook.

Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone 4 Antenna Pisses Off Hitler

The iPhone 4 has been creating a lot of buzz lately among technophiles and many excited consumers. However, one famous (or infamous) user has been quite open with his dislike for the new phone.

In this video, let the Fuhrer himself, Hitler show you what he thinks of Apple's latest iPhone release. This is another parody of that excellent film, The Downfall (which has spawned a whole truck load of spoofs ranging from the financial crises to Paris Hilton). Film credits go to Michael Ingram Jr. as posted in


He's Upset About the iPhone 4 Antenna from MG Siegler on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Should Only The Big Boys (Business) Have All The Fun?

If you're just starting your business or already running or managing a new company, you have probably often feel like David facing not just one probably dozens Goliaths eagerly waiting to swallow up any new upstarts.

Sure, you may have prepared well for this encounter:

- You have a killer product or service
- You have done you research & homework
- You identified the right market who seems very positive to receive your product
- You have the guts, passion and discipline to reach your goal

But you & I know, in's never going to be a walk in the park
Your competitors are ready to take on you & your company to the cleaners.

They have more manpower, firepower & resources than you.

So how do you rise up to the challenge? Why should your competitors have all the fun?

Like our biblical hero David, you need a silent but powerful partner such as the 1 Business System.

1 Business levels the playing field between you and your competitors. It incorporates all the vital elements you need to establish a full online business without costly disparate tools, a large & expensive staff & long learning curve.

 1 Business is a quick, easy & reliable way for you to:

* Build a powerful business website
* Sell Anything Online, from physical products to downloads
* Generate More Sales
* Automates Your Recording, Tracking & Extraction Detailed Information On Your Customers
* Communicate & Build Your Brand Image
and many more...

All these without needing to learn programming or web coding.

1 Business is designed to take care of the technology side of your business so that you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Most of your competitors probably had a head start & accumulated a lot resources & networks than you
They have an army of staff, sales people with structured departments, lots of cash & an extensive network of contacts.

Their size & budgets alone can be intimidating.

Since your competitor's staff handle tasks such as customer relations, sales & marketing, they have more time to grow their business,  a vital task that you can hardly afford with your limited budget and time.

Until now.

With 1 Business System - you don't need to hire more employees or buy more separate & complicated tools.

This is because the system integrates & automates your vital business activities saving you time and money.

Here's how 1 Business Sytem works...

1 Business System basically provides you an entire online business suite.

Think of it as having different business departments - all automated, working for you around the clock, 24-7.

-You want to create more sales leads & inquiries? Oh yeah!

-Need to record, track and see all your visitor & customer activity? Check!

-Are you selling physical or digital products? Bookings for your services? Got it!

-How about sending targeted emails? Got that too.

-You want to know what's happening to your business asap? No problem

- Assign tasks to your staff & sales people even when they are out of the office? Its got that covered for you. 

All of these functions coordinate with each other something you cannot get when you buy separate ecommerce, crm & even email marketing systems.

Because 1 Business was built from ground up, all of the functions were designed to work with one another from the start.
Aside from that, there are so much more you can do with the 1 Business system such as:

  • Shipping integration, 
  • SEO friendly URLs,
  • Multi-currency facilities 
  • Payment gateways such as paypal, etc. 
  • Create unlimited blogs & forums w
  • Web applications / apps 
  • Modules such as photo galleries, Press releases, the list goes on.

And here's the best thing of's so easy to use: 

* Posting updates such as text, pictures & videos on your site is as easy as using a word processor

* Creating Web Forms, Web Apps, Modules and other cool stuff is easily done with just a few drag & drop actions.

You don't need any coding or programming skill at all.

Think about that...

A system that gives you all the tools your larger competitors are using but only:

- it's more powerful
- it's integrated (all systems 'talk' to each other)  
- it's So easy to use

Correctly & effectively managed, 1 Business System helps make your business playing field so uneven & lopsided - all in your favor.

After all, if you can employ far superior capabilities than your rivals at a fraction of their overheads, manpower & size...your business will emerge far more profitable.

So take it from our hero David, it's not the size & bulk that matters, it's all having the right business elements & a silent yet powerful partner to take on the giants.

And oh, I almost can try the system out for 30 days absolutely free. Yes, free with no strings attached. No credit cards, no contracts. You can even create several trial sites if you want.

So go ahead and give the 1 Business a spin by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A CRM software for small business as well as medium to large enterprises

Here's something to consider if you are planning to start your real estate brokerage / marketing business or any business for that matter.

What's cool with this system is that it replaces a lot of systems you will have to purchase separately but now everything is in one place.

There's a free trial so do check it out if it works for you. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Real Estate Listings

If  Facebook were a country, it can be considered the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of population as it has more than 400 Million users & still growing,. This would mean the popular social networking site would rank somewhere between India & the United States as per latest stats from Wikipedia.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that a lot realtors, agents & other businesses are tapping the potential of this ever growing social network to promote their listings, products and services.

However, while thousands are joining the bandwagon & try to leverage their presence in Facebook, it seems a great number of sales agents are spamming the network 'til kingdom come & expect to get instant results!

Well, if quick leads are what you're after, then there's only one sure fire way to do it. Pay for it!

Unknown to many real estate people, Facebook advertising is easy, relatively cheap & does bring in results. Within 15-minutes & just a few US dollars, you can advertise your properties without spending a lot of time & effort.

Of course, Facebook is no magic bullet but a properly executed campaign will bring great benefits to the advertiser. Combined with other paid (Google Adwords, banner advertising, etc.) and non-paid activities such as article writing, forum & blog posting, social bookmarking,video marketing, etc. you can get your listing noticed by your target market faster than ever.

So how does Facebook paid advertising work?

 First, you need to setup your Facebook advertiser account at

Second, create a new ad campaign for your property listing by supplying the required data during the instructions carefully.

At this stage this where you need to optimize your ad in order for your prospective clients to discover & get attracted to your ad / offer.

Leveraging Facebook's user data (yep, your personal data as well as other activities inside the social network - likes, dislikes, etc.), you can drill in on your specific target market. Information such as location, demographics, hobbies, etc. can help you narrow down who you want to target.

Here's how it looks like:

 At this point, you will also need to set up your advertising budget and mode whether you are going for Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousands of impressions (CPM).

You also need to fix your daily ad budget as well as your maximum bid for each click or per thousand of impressions and guess what? You can post an ad for just $1/day!

Of course, this goes without saying that if you need more clicks & prospective clients, you will have to increase your maximum bid as well as your daily ad budget.

I will discuss in a future post helpful tips in targeting your advertisements. For now, you just need to get the basic process of creating a Facebook ad.

Btw, one cool thing about Facebook Advertising is that you can add photos to go along with your ad so you need to be very careful & deliberate in choosing relevant and attracting images to support your message.

Finally, once you have complete the process by entering your credit card details for billing purposes, you ads now are good to go. 

Just remember, you can pause or stop your ads anytime or even set a schedule to start & end your campaign.

So there you go, you have successfully created an affordable ad campaign for your real estate listings.

Good luck and happy selling!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Money Online: Referral Marketers Needed

 Are You Making Money Online?

Would You Like To Learn and Earn Money Online?
(Hardworking Newbies Welcome Too!)

First: Good, BETTER & Great News For You.

This is NOT A Get Rich Quick Scheme, Pyramiding, MLM Or A Scam.

You have to work hard & smart using your link building, internet marketing (article writing, video marketing, blogging, social networking, etc.) & web-savy skills. Your offline & traditional selling and marketing talents will work well too.

The Only Way To Earn A Lot Of Money The Honest Way Is To Offer A Solution To People’s (or a niche) Real Or Perceived Problems.

THE BETTER NEWS: Our Product – 1 Business System is provides a compelling solution to business owners, executives & entrepreneurs’ sales, marketing & operations problems around the world.

With 1 Business System - you don't need to hire more employees or buy more separate & complicated tools.

This is because the system integrates & automates your vital
business activities saving you time and money.

Think of it as having different business departments - all automated, working for you around the clock, 24-7.

-You want to create more sales leads & inquiries? Oh yeah!
-Need to record, track and see all your visitor & customer activity? Check!
-Are you selling physical or digital products? Bookings for your services? Got it!
-How about sending targeted emails? Got that too.-You want to know what's happening to your business asap? No problem
- Assign tasks to your staff & sales people even when they are out of the office? We got that covered for you.

 So How Much Are You Going To Make?

June 2010 Promotion

Starter Plan = $4/sale
100 sales × 4 = $400 a month = $4800 a year

Plus Plan = $7/sale
100 × 7 = $700 a month = $8400 a year

Deluxe Plan = $11/sale
100 × 11 = $1100 a month = $13,200 a year

Professional Plan = $17/sale
100 × 17 = 1700 a month = $20,400 a year
200 × 17 = 3400 a month = $40,800

Normal (After The Promo)

Starter $3.60/sale
 100 × 3.60 = $360 a month x 12 = $4320 a year

Plus = $7.60/sale
100 × 7 = $700 a month x 12 = $8400 a year

Deluxe = $10/sale
100 × 10 = $1000 a month x 12 = $12,000 a year

Professional = $20/sale

100 × 20 = $2000 a month x 12 = $24,000 a year
200 × 20 = $400 a month x 12 = $48,00 a year

Our primary market: Small, Medium & Big Business All Over The World
What Exactly Does The Product, 1 Business System Do? 
1 Business System helps businesses grow by saving costs, powering up sales & marketing while streamlining operations as it gives entrepreneurs & executives more time to focus on their core activities - leaving the tech to the system.

1.)  It Replaces 6 to 10 different independent systems an online and offline business requires with just 1 powerful business platform, saving them costs & time

2.)  It Ends Business Owners & Executives frustrations of trying to get 6 to 10 different systems to ‘talk’ & coordinate with each other, ending up spending tons of money hiring tech people to integrate these systems to a company’s sales, marketing and admin operations

3.)  It enables Businesses to monitor anytime what’s working and not working in their sales, marketing & other business operations.

4.)  It gives the Business owners, Executives & Entrepreneurs the power to control their entire operation from one console – anytime, anywhere.

5.)  It is so easy to use (WYSIWYG) that business owners, executive & entrepreneurs & their staff can use it themselves with no need to call their IT administrators or maintain outside tech guys all the time to make simple changes etc. If you know MS word, you can use it. It’s that easy.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Make Your Due Diligence Study On The 1 Business System
By Visiting The 1 Business System Home Page  Now!

Here’s something better:

You can try it out for free for 30 days & give the product a test drive (don’t worry, no credit cards, contracts, etc. no questions, no B.S. - just a free trial. Period.)

Try The 1 Business System Now
For Free By Clicking On The Link.

UPDATE: Check Out Our June Promo For Early Birds!


1.     For Business Owners - Flexible pricing & payment terms depending on your business needs

Powerful the system maybe but surprisingly it doesn’t cost businesses an arm & leg.

Basic paid plans start at $47 per month while the professional & complete version costs only $147/month. Businesses can save more by buying the annual plans (discounted) or even buying the entire system.

Use Your Existing Design If You Wish And Have Your 1 Business System Up And Running Within 1 Day. 

 2.     For Affiliate Marketers / Referrors –

  • ·        Earn recurring monthly commissions for paid monthly plans (not the entire system) as long as your customers pay their complete monthly fees on time
  • ·        Get your own unique affiliate links!
  • ·        Everytime a prospect clicks on your link, your prospects information is stored up to 1 year and if they buy within the period, the sale will be credited to your account.
  • ·        Commissions are automatically routed to your paypal account after your buyer / referral completes & confirms the payment / check out process.

  • ·        We are behind you all the way. We will provide affiliates with training, sales tips and other skills to succeed. Our training modules have been developed by the top 1% of Internet Marketers around the world and you will get access to these materials for free,

You want to get started? Need more information?

Visit the 1 Business System site or Send Us An Email to:
Get to know our other services, visit: 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Essential Items Your (Real Estate) Website Should Have

I've been asked often by colleagues (mostly the older ones) from the industry on what essential things their websites (or planned websites) should have in order to be successful in getting buyers interested with their listings. I always get surprised by these queries as I am not exactly the techie type though I do have several years experience with using the internet to sell properties than most of them. In any case, I share few useful pointers even if I ended explaining to them what those meant as a huge majority of them don't even know what SEO means.

So here's my short list of tips which is not really everything (to be more accurate about it, there tons of very useful and free stuff & tutorials out there on the web) but at least will give them the proper mindset:

1. Search Engine Friendly / Easy To Search - make your site easy for search engines to index. More than 90% of all property searches starts with search engines and unless google or yahoo or bing can easily find your site and make it to a searcher's query, your site might as well be considered as non existent.

2.) Photos - People who visit a site are looking for listings, properties, reviews. Unless you have relevant & nice photos, don't ever expect people to get excited about your listings. You can load pictures directly to your site or have them hosted on a photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa & Multiply and free real estate advert sites just use the photo links to have them appear on your site or blog (see sample below from

3.) Complete Property Information - At the very least your site must have basic information of the house or property such as: exact location or address, no. of bedrooms, T&B, Lot & floor area, date constructed (for house), price (if possible), etc.

4.) Information / Inquiry Capture Mechanism - Whats the point of getting people pumped up with your hot offer when they don't have the means to contact you. Email address, telephone numbers, office address (if any) are very vital. You can easily get contact data by inserting a web form either for your newsletters or property inquiries. Just be sure to tell your visitors that you will not under any circumstance, sell or rent out their email address. If you hate spam, so do your visitors.

5.) Analytics - How do you know your marketing is working or not? The only way to do that is to have stats so you can measure your marketing success or failure. You don't have to cough out serious money for this as awesome tools such as Google Analytics are free! All you have to do is create an account.

6.) Videos - Pictures are nice but videos can do much much more. Videos engage viewers more than still photos. It also presents the property in a more realistic light which can enhance your credibility as well confirm to out of town prospects that your listings are real .
If you don't have one or some of these features, I highly recommend you add these to your site as you may be missing out a lot of potential property buyers. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot free stuff out there in the internet and all you have to is to use your trusty search engine to find these tools.

Now if you want something serious, you can also consider investing powerful systems such as 1 Buiness System. I bought & using one myself. This website system has a great package that you may need to set up a powerful real estate site as it's a complete suite. It has:

  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which allows you to management existing & new leads & customers. It tracks and even records all their interactions with your site. Pretty cool huh?
  • A very easy to use Content Management System (CMS) which basically the ability to update your site with new content/information, photos, videos or new pages. You don't need to be a programmer or have code skills to do this. If you know how to use MS Word and other word processing application, you are good to go!
  • Forums & Blogs - you can create as many blogs and forums as you want! Real estate clients have specific needs and wants & the key to success (as you have already known) in real estate is about communication, interaction and conversation. What could be more cool than to create a forum and blog for your clients so they can have a voice? :)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns - You can launch highly targeted email campaigns to your existing clients & prospects on your email list!
  • Search Engine Friendly features - I am no SEO expert but it has lots of stuff that you can tweak &  making it easy for the search engines to index your content and real estate listings
  • Other features that you may or may not need: Ecommerce (sell stuff online such as real estate training ebooks), Analytics (you need this!), etc.
       To see if this system is for you, why not take this baby out for a spin at 1 Business Try out all the features (after all, its free so why not make good use of it) and see if it meets your needs. You can unleash your creativity here.

      If you have other ideas to grow this list of real estate website tips, please post a comment.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Environment-friendly House In Cebu

Last February, my daughter Gabby and I visited Cebu City Councilor Archibald's Green/Eco House in the suburbs.

I was really impressed with the measures taken by the owner to use eco-friendly means to maintain his house. Check out the pics and see for your self. Note: please don't mind the date stamps, I messed up the date functions of the cam somehow :)

 The Archibald Main House Front View
 Solar panels provide electricity while rainwater catchments recycle the water for reuse. The Archibald family saves a lot from their electric bills with the use of solar energy and efficient use of natural cooling techniques.
 Empty softdrink / soda cans look cool when used properly. The table is a cable wire spool!!
 Water used on this swimming pool is recycled, cleaned and treated
 This dome provides ventilation & cools the house as well as lighting
 Those small windows helps lighting up the house, maximizing the use of sunlight
 The different phases of the moon.
 That's an empty baking soda container used as a cover for the lamp shade.
 More lighting for the house
 A view of the living area. Those holes are discarded PVC pipes and provide additional ventilation.
 Closer look at the ventilation holes, viewed from the second floor
 A banca / traditional canoe bench
 Another cable spool converted to a table
Another view of the rainwater catch basin where Councilor Archibald also raises Tilapia & uses the excess water for his organic farming project.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advertise On Facebook For Free...But Hurry Before The Offer Goes Pfffft!

Yep, you read that headline right. You can advertise for free using the world's largest social networking site, Facebook.

A bit on Facebook advertising
For those still new on social network advertising (like me), you can post ads targeted to Facebook members using the network's database of 400 Million members (including mine and yours if you have an account). What makes this medium so powerful in my view is that you can choose both demographics (age, sex, location, educational level, job description, etc.) as well as psychographics (lifestyles, likes, dislikes, etc.) and even their membership in the different groups.

I have launched my first ever ad with Facebook the other day and I have no complaints so far with the results. I got 15 clicks in just 2 days, which is not bad given given that I had only 20,000 impressions (I chose the CPM per thousand of impressions instead of pay per click). Now that may seem too low for you but if you used a budget of only get this ---- $1.30/ that's a very high return as I am promoting the site builder I wrote about - yes, I am a believer now, so much so that I signed up as an affiliate. ( I will post more on the progress of my site using the Ezprofitresults system)

Btw, here's what my ad looked like:

Realtors and real estate agents who want to launch targeted ads should try this and evaluate if it is worth it.

Free stuff
Ok so here's the free stuff. Occasionally, Facebook and its partner sponsors give out free advertisement coupons / codes to the public as part of their promotions. Well, it so happened I stumbled on this blog: last night and it gave away a $50 ad coupon for Facebook. So I tried the code and you know worked!! I now have an extra $50 ad credits I can use to promote my stuff and properties.

Since I am so happy with my find, I am paying it forward...the free stuff and hope all of you benefit from it the same way as I did.

So here's the code:           FB-SES-NY

Remember you need to create your Facebook advertisement first and put in your credit card details (you will be deduct something like a $1.00 for registration and space purposes) before you can activate your ad and use the promo code.

Don't worry, if you redeem the promo code for your ad placement, Facebook will not deduct it from your credit card (you may use a debit card as well as long as the issuers are Visa, Mastercard, Discovery or American Express).

Please do give it try and let me know the results. The advert code does have an expiry (mine is about 60 days) and you can only use that to place ads in Facebook.

Happy Selling!!

Powerful Website Builder

Last week I wrote about the free trial website online business builder software called the Ezprofitresults I am using to build my CNP Properties site. Although I am no programmer, I found it easy to put in content such as images, text and even embed videos to the site.

In case you want to see the functionality and features of the system, here's a video describing the what you can do with it.

As you can see, the Ezprofitresults system has a lot of applications for a whole range of businesses. For real estate it be a powerful tool although again, these are just that - tools.

Real estate still remains and will also be people business and unless your site touches & mean a lot (being very relevant to their needs) to people, it won't be successful at all.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good News For A Change: BBC Fast Track Visits Cebu

My Florida-based cousin Bitoy (who is an accomplished photographer- check out his blog & portfolio here aside from being a top notch medical technologist) posted a recent BBC video on Philippine tourism link on his Facebook profile. You can view the video by clicking on the photo below(sorry no embed feature):


Though the video exclusively showcases Cebu, I believe we should have more of these features and information to promote other exciting destinations. As one American expat resort operator said, we need more publicity not more ads to counter the usual negative stories circulating about the Philippines. Tourism Secretary Ace Durano (incidentally a Cebuano himself) also revealed a basic marketing tactic to draw more tourists: focus more on the destination than the country itself. The Philippines seems to have a bad rep that it smarter to promote Bohol or Cam Sur as a stand alone product. Cebu has been very successful with that tactic during the late 1980s to the early 1990s where its tagline was: Cebu - an island in the Pacific. It's was an ingenious marketing move, to position the destination away from the negative publicity especially during that time when coups, disasters, typhoons and violence were synonymous with the Philippines.

Ultimately, in the age of web 2.0 its not the ads that will draw people to come and visit but its the stories, user experiences and other media shared by people who are happy and satisfied with what they have seen and tried. The government should capitalize on social media to spread the word by mouth...or in this case by Facebook, Twitter and other tools.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Estate Site Building Progress Using The Free Trial

Here's some screenshots I took as I went about editing and playing around with Ezprofitresults, online business platform which gives you the tools to create not just a site but also forums, blogs, e commerce, perform email marketing and many more.

Here's a cool can edit the entire site using a very easy WYSIWYG interface. Just click on the region you want to edit or update, then you are good to go. Very intuitive if you ask me.

  How do you like this theme for a real estate agency?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How To Build Your Own Online Real Estate Business Without Programming Knowledge Part 1

I'm trying out a free 30-day trial service from a site called ezprofitresults which allows me to create a fully functional web site for my real estate agency CNP Properties though from its features, it can be called a total online business as it not only creates a site but also other funcationalities needed conduct moden online business transactions such as blogs, forums, e-commerce and a host of other cool stuff.

What I really like about this service so far is that I was able to choose from a lot great templates they have on stock and build the site from ground up. And although I have yet to try the other features of the service, I am attracted to the ease of use, something similar to like creating posts for a blog.

Here's what the template I choose looked like:

Old School Web
I started to use the internet to promote real estate back in the 1990s using the free service. I named the site, Visayas Property Link. At that time I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) Geocities was already part of the Yahoo network which made it convenient for me to just sign in using my yahoo id, which btw I still use until now.

At that time, the purpose for that site was to post pictures, content and other data on Manville Royale and other Bacolod properties for sale. I didn't want to put up that site but I got so tired attaching those files to my client emails (it was all dial up then) which prompted me to post all the infos.

The one thing I really liked about geocities was that it was so easy to use. It was like using Word or Power Point where you just compose your message, add photos, links and you have a brochure-type site running in no time. If you want to add new pages, you just click add a new page and do the usual stuff and link it to the main page or index. Btw, the screen shot on the left shows that my geocities site looked like as I retrieved it from

That site really helped & got me regular monthly streams of leads and sales. Back when everybody was trying to learn email and discover the internet, I was already spending hours and hours a day developing and posting content to the site so much as that it ranked high up in yahoo's search engines (no, google then in the late 90s and early 2000s). As time passed, I added more and more pages for Iloilo and Cebu properties which got me more sales from the leads generated. Many of those buyers who bought their propeties from me ended up being my life long friends who I still communicate to this very day

Of course, there are a lot of downsides. First, you cannot expect your site to be really professional looking  with just the simple functions and options unless you really take time (which I don't have as I am busy selling houses and other properties) to learn tricks and other neat stuff. Second, there are the usual problems with free sites. You remain at the mercy of the owner who might one day give up the service and bring down your entire internet business down crashing.

Which is what happened to geocities. When geocities decided to fold up, along with it my valuable data and as well as my steady stream of leads and property inquiries.

Although geocities made the announcement months before the scheduled closing, I hardly had time to prepare on what to do as I was already getting ready to move and strike out on my own.

To keep my online presence, I tried new property website advert sites starting to profilerate around the web and so far, the results have been fairly ok. I would personally recommend sites such as :,, and

New generation sites: web 2.0 for real estate

However, despite effectivity of these free advert sites, it doesn't change the fact that its about time I needed a real deal site and not just any website. With the presence of so many web services that allow people to share information and particpate in forming new information on real estate, I knew I have to come up with something that would allow me to:

1. access analytics data (no. of visitors, from where, etc.)
2. keep track of my leads that come in through my web site inquiry form
3. launch email marketing campaigns
4. create a blog
5. build a forum for discussions
6. manage and update my site easily without going to a webmaster or developer to do it for me.

Thus I scoured the web for services that allow me to do so and there are a lot of those available. You have applications such as Wix, google sites among others but again, what I needed was a more updated system that would allow me to converse with customers and house my daily selling activities such as emails, monitor my agents output and inputs, etc.

Ezprofitresults looks promising but I will still test it further and post more updates very soon.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Cool Bacolod Property Videos: Oasis Subdivision Virtual Tours

You have to hand it to the guys from the Dynamic Properties & Realty Corp. For their Oasis Subdivision project in Mansilingan, Bacolod, produced 2 virtual animation videos as a way to introduce their property to the public.

This of course makes a lot sense as the subdivision was still undergoing full scale development work and the need to ensure a prospective buyer visualize how the entire development will turn out.

For the first video, viewers get to see tour the property and it's three two-storey model houses.

The second video is a shorter one and looks really cool.

Mansilingan-Bacolod Lots For Sale: Oasis Subd.
Uploaded by ritche89. - Explore exotic destinations and travel videos.

What do you think?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bacolod Real Estate Videos, Pacific Shores in Talisay, Negros Occidental

Here's Video No. 2 for real estate subdivisions / developments around Bacolod.

If you like the idea of living in a residential beach village near Bacolod City, then this development maybe for you.

I have always liked this subdivision. It's not too big or too sprawling which is ideal for cultivating close neighbor relationships, underground facilties (yes, and I mean power, telephone, etc.) - look hanging wires! And of course, it has nice amenities in a beach front setting.

I've made 2 videos for Pacific Shores, the first was way back in 2008 (with all the shaky hands and unstable focus) as shown below.

Here some amazing photos of the site just to show you how awesome the place is:

Bacolod Real Estate Videos

I have created a few videos for subdivisions and real estate services in Bacolod City. I will start posting / uploading them here. I hope you enjoy these flicks as much as I have making them.

Video No. 1
This video is about House Construction services offered by Avanti Homes Development Corp.

What's so cool about this company is that you can choose any house model in their inventory to be built on your existing lot. If you don't have a lot, you can purchase one in any of the better developments in Bacolod. Avanti has no problems building houses in the following subdivisions: Ayala North Point & Plantazionne both in Talisay City,Negros Occidental (just 5 minutes from Robinson's Mandalagan); Manville in Tangub (going to Sum-ag & Bago City in the South), Oasis Subdivision (right next to the Coca Cola Plant, going to Mambucal), Pacific Shores also in Talisay (you can't miss it going to and from the airport in's an awesome beach front residential development), Negros Occ.