Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Money Online: Referral Marketers Needed

 Are You Making Money Online?

Would You Like To Learn and Earn Money Online?
(Hardworking Newbies Welcome Too!)

First: Good, BETTER & Great News For You.

This is NOT A Get Rich Quick Scheme, Pyramiding, MLM Or A Scam.

You have to work hard & smart using your link building, internet marketing (article writing, video marketing, blogging, social networking, etc.) & web-savy skills. Your offline & traditional selling and marketing talents will work well too.

The Only Way To Earn A Lot Of Money The Honest Way Is To Offer A Solution To People’s (or a niche) Real Or Perceived Problems.

THE BETTER NEWS: Our Product – 1 Business System is provides a compelling solution to business owners, executives & entrepreneurs’ sales, marketing & operations problems around the world.

With 1 Business System - you don't need to hire more employees or buy more separate & complicated tools.

This is because the system integrates & automates your vital
business activities saving you time and money.

Think of it as having different business departments - all automated, working for you around the clock, 24-7.

-You want to create more sales leads & inquiries? Oh yeah!
-Need to record, track and see all your visitor & customer activity? Check!
-Are you selling physical or digital products? Bookings for your services? Got it!
-How about sending targeted emails? Got that too.-You want to know what's happening to your business asap? No problem
- Assign tasks to your staff & sales people even when they are out of the office? We got that covered for you.

 So How Much Are You Going To Make?

June 2010 Promotion

Starter Plan = $4/sale
100 sales × 4 = $400 a month = $4800 a year

Plus Plan = $7/sale
100 × 7 = $700 a month = $8400 a year

Deluxe Plan = $11/sale
100 × 11 = $1100 a month = $13,200 a year

Professional Plan = $17/sale
100 × 17 = 1700 a month = $20,400 a year
200 × 17 = 3400 a month = $40,800

Normal (After The Promo)

Starter $3.60/sale
 100 × 3.60 = $360 a month x 12 = $4320 a year

Plus = $7.60/sale
100 × 7 = $700 a month x 12 = $8400 a year

Deluxe = $10/sale
100 × 10 = $1000 a month x 12 = $12,000 a year

Professional = $20/sale

100 × 20 = $2000 a month x 12 = $24,000 a year
200 × 20 = $400 a month x 12 = $48,00 a year

Our primary market: Small, Medium & Big Business All Over The World
What Exactly Does The Product, 1 Business System Do? 
1 Business System helps businesses grow by saving costs, powering up sales & marketing while streamlining operations as it gives entrepreneurs & executives more time to focus on their core activities - leaving the tech to the system.

1.)  It Replaces 6 to 10 different independent systems an online and offline business requires with just 1 powerful business platform, saving them costs & time

2.)  It Ends Business Owners & Executives frustrations of trying to get 6 to 10 different systems to ‘talk’ & coordinate with each other, ending up spending tons of money hiring tech people to integrate these systems to a company’s sales, marketing and admin operations

3.)  It enables Businesses to monitor anytime what’s working and not working in their sales, marketing & other business operations.

4.)  It gives the Business owners, Executives & Entrepreneurs the power to control their entire operation from one console – anytime, anywhere.

5.)  It is so easy to use (WYSIWYG) that business owners, executive & entrepreneurs & their staff can use it themselves with no need to call their IT administrators or maintain outside tech guys all the time to make simple changes etc. If you know MS word, you can use it. It’s that easy.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Make Your Due Diligence Study On The 1 Business System
By Visiting The 1 Business System Home Page  Now!

Here’s something better:

You can try it out for free for 30 days & give the product a test drive (don’t worry, no credit cards, contracts, etc. no questions, no B.S. - just a free trial. Period.)

Try The 1 Business System Now
For Free By Clicking On The Link.

UPDATE: Check Out Our June Promo For Early Birds!


1.     For Business Owners - Flexible pricing & payment terms depending on your business needs

Powerful the system maybe but surprisingly it doesn’t cost businesses an arm & leg.

Basic paid plans start at $47 per month while the professional & complete version costs only $147/month. Businesses can save more by buying the annual plans (discounted) or even buying the entire system.

Use Your Existing Design If You Wish And Have Your 1 Business System Up And Running Within 1 Day. 

 2.     For Affiliate Marketers / Referrors –

  • ·        Earn recurring monthly commissions for paid monthly plans (not the entire system) as long as your customers pay their complete monthly fees on time
  • ·        Get your own unique affiliate links!
  • ·        Everytime a prospect clicks on your link, your prospects information is stored up to 1 year and if they buy within the period, the sale will be credited to your account.
  • ·        Commissions are automatically routed to your paypal account after your buyer / referral completes & confirms the payment / check out process.

  • ·        We are behind you all the way. We will provide affiliates with training, sales tips and other skills to succeed. Our training modules have been developed by the top 1% of Internet Marketers around the world and you will get access to these materials for free,

You want to get started? Need more information?

Visit the 1 Business System site or Send Us An Email to:
Get to know our other services, visit: 

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