Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Real Estate Listings

If  Facebook were a country, it can be considered the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of population as it has more than 400 Million users & still growing,. This would mean the popular social networking site would rank somewhere between India & the United States as per latest stats from Wikipedia.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that a lot realtors, agents & other businesses are tapping the potential of this ever growing social network to promote their listings, products and services.

However, while thousands are joining the bandwagon & try to leverage their presence in Facebook, it seems a great number of sales agents are spamming the network 'til kingdom come & expect to get instant results!

Well, if quick leads are what you're after, then there's only one sure fire way to do it. Pay for it!

Unknown to many real estate people, Facebook advertising is easy, relatively cheap & does bring in results. Within 15-minutes & just a few US dollars, you can advertise your properties without spending a lot of time & effort.

Of course, Facebook is no magic bullet but a properly executed campaign will bring great benefits to the advertiser. Combined with other paid (Google Adwords, banner advertising, etc.) and non-paid activities such as article writing, forum & blog posting, social bookmarking,video marketing, etc. you can get your listing noticed by your target market faster than ever.

So how does Facebook paid advertising work?

 First, you need to setup your Facebook advertiser account at http://www.facebook.com/advertisin

Second, create a new ad campaign for your property listing by supplying the required data during the instructions carefully.

At this stage this where you need to optimize your ad in order for your prospective clients to discover & get attracted to your ad / offer.

Leveraging Facebook's user data (yep, your personal data as well as other activities inside the social network - likes, dislikes, etc.), you can drill in on your specific target market. Information such as location, demographics, hobbies, etc. can help you narrow down who you want to target.

Here's how it looks like:

 At this point, you will also need to set up your advertising budget and mode whether you are going for Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousands of impressions (CPM).

You also need to fix your daily ad budget as well as your maximum bid for each click or per thousand of impressions and guess what? You can post an ad for just $1/day!

Of course, this goes without saying that if you need more clicks & prospective clients, you will have to increase your maximum bid as well as your daily ad budget.

I will discuss in a future post helpful tips in targeting your advertisements. For now, you just need to get the basic process of creating a Facebook ad.

Btw, one cool thing about Facebook Advertising is that you can add photos to go along with your ad so you need to be very careful & deliberate in choosing relevant and attracting images to support your message.

Finally, once you have complete the process by entering your credit card details for billing purposes, you ads now are good to go. 

Just remember, you can pause or stop your ads anytime or even set a schedule to start & end your campaign.

So there you go, you have successfully created an affordable ad campaign for your real estate listings.

Good luck and happy selling!!

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